Possesses various
medicinal herbal
extracts and possesses
Korea’s first heat extraction
production facilities

Doori Cosmetics possesses various patient acquired using oriental herbal extracts.
We acquired patents for shampoos containing hair-loss prevention and hair growth
components using oriental herbal extracts for the first time in Korea, and patents are
being applied for and acquired for hair-growth components using oriental herbal
ingredients, skin cleaning agent components, and cleaning agent components using
oriental herbal ingredients. We are also acquiring European (EP) patents and are
registering patents in countries around the world, as we do our best to be recognized
for our outstanding technologies.

* Possesses 19 domestic and foreign patents, 65 domestic trademarks, 32 design rights,
and 90 trademarks in 27 countries around the world

Recognized patent

Possess various herbal extract patents andpossesses
Korea’s first heat extraction production facility

Facility Certification

  • ISO 9001

  • CGMP

Hair Certification

  • ISO 22716

  • Patent 10-0802192

  • Patent 10-1530490

Skin Certification

  • Patent 10-0559957

  • Patent 10-1106216

  • Vegan Certification (*Kko Mang Pul Ip/Planist)