R&D facilities and
creative research

“Cell research and effects analysis possible”
such as DNA analysis using PCR / protein analysis using antigen-antibodies /
effects and safety analysis using cells / safety analysis using microorganisms, etc.
Possesses component extractor, rotating decompression thickener, centrifuge,
culture shaker, high-pressure sterilizer, ultra-cold freezer,
fume hood, clean bench) Possesses 12 hair loss care-related patents /
possesses 16 patents using domestic and foreign oriental herbal ingredients
Possesses over 80 directly concocted oriental herbal ingredients /
possesses quasi-pharmaceutical product attached specifications for
20 herbal ingredients.


Center operation Policy

It is the Central Laboratory
where that the best researchers make their effort to develop the best products

  • 01 New Texture

    For diverse and safe user experiences,
    we consistently dedicate efforts to continuous
    innovation in new product development.

  • 02 Functional Cosmetics

    We develop functional cosmetics utilizing
    our own patents, including those related to
    hair loss care and herbal ingredients from
    both domestic and international sources.

  • 03 New Material

    To create products for both people and
    environment, we are dedicated to advancing
    in the development of innovative materials
    and ingredients.