More than 25 years of experience in the cosmetic industry 2023.12.08

DOORI COSMETICS begins with nature

DOORI COSMETICS is situated in Geumsan, renowned for its abundant natural medicinal herbs and Korean Ginseng. 

We focus on manufacturing top-quality products using key oriental ingredients. 

Specifically, our emphasis lies in creating the finest products by incorporating natural medicinal herbal ingredients best suited for human use. 

Having pioneered the herbal hair care market through extensive research and trials, 

DOORI Cosmetics is committed to ongoing efforts in developing superior products

DOORI COSMETICS strives relentlessly

DOORICosmetics prioritizes the healthy beauty of our customers by minimizing chemical ingredients in our products. 

We provide the best products by directly decocting natural medicinal herbal ingredients for an extended period using traditional methods. 

Additionally, DOORI Cosmetics has not only received prestigious cosmetic awards and certifications 

like ISO227 and ISO 9001 but also possesses the capability with a 15-ton manufacturing mixer, a 6-ton herbal extractor, and a 5-ton herbal extractor storage tank

DOORI COSMETICS crafts products with care, always keeping the customer in mind

We have developed our own technology to enhance the traditional extraction method, 

concentrating the fragrance and color while further enhancing the efficacy of herbs. 

By minimizing chemical additives, we carefully encapsulate the health benefits of nature with dedication

With these techniques, we aim to reach you in various countries with even better products

DOORI COSMETICS is dedicated to creating new value in the global distribution market