2023.05 We were in Kazahstan 2023.12.12

Participation in the Largest Beauty Expo in Central Asia, held in Almaty, Kazakhstan

In May, the largest beauty exhibition in Central Asia took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan, one of Doori's export countries. 
Approximately 450 brands from 14 countries participated, showcasing our products to numerous attendees and buyers.

We successfully highlighted the strength of Doori Cosmetics, emphasizing the six-year-old ginseng, a key herbal ingredient, 
and providing an opportunity for visitors and buyers to experience the scent and texture of our products.

In addition to the best-selling Daeng gi Meo ri and JIN GI, we also introduced the brand "EGG PLANET," composed of natural ingredients. 
With a diverse range of excellent products, we look forward to reaching more countries.

Doori Cosmetics is dedicated to creating new value in the global distribution market