herbal blending

Possesses various partenes acquired
using oriental herbal extracts

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Creative Science

Korea’s first traditional oriental
herbal hair care brand that continues the
wisdom of our ancestors

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Rooted in Mother Nature

Possess various herbal extract patents and
possesses Korea’s first heat extraction production facility

  • Hair Care

    Oriental herbal extracts based on DAENG GI -
    MEO RI’s patented ingredient, strengthen the
    hair roots and make the scalp stronger.

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  • Skin Care

    The cosmetics that restore which is exposed
    to stress and various external stimuli, to healthy
    and smooth skin.

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  • Body Care

    Contains oriental herbal extracts, keeping moist
    skin clean. It is a colorless product with minimal
    chemical additives and is cleaned fresh.

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  • Kids Care

    Body care for kids who don’t like sticky feelings,
    contains mild ingredients to protect the vulnerable
    skin of children without being worried.

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  • Pet Care

    Rich oriental herbal moisturizing ingredients
    improve skin tightening and elasticity,
    while supplying shine and moisture to the fur.

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Doori Cosmetics:
Bringing Beauty Worldwide

Doori Cosmetics Co., Ltd. currently operates in over 40 countries, holding various patents
and certifications from different nations to reach a broader audience. We have obtained
certifications such as the EU's CPNP, Russia's EAC, and China's NMPA. Recently,
we have updated our certifications to include the U.S. MoCRA, and we are actively preparing
for certifications for export to the UK and India in the future. In order to meet the needs of
more consumers, we also offer vegan-certified products. We strive to introduce our products
to even more places around the world.

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Start K-Beauty
with DOORI

With 25 years of expertise, we have
the know-how by presenting the world with
oriental beauty and excellence of traditional
oriental medicine science.

"We are delighted to share
our story based on 25 years
of experience”

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